Never seen this


It’s not the callsign that I haven’t seen before it’s the format of the ATC message and the small description that I haven’t seen before. Is this normal?

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What airport were they at

This was an hour ago when these were taken

What’s the small description you are talking about?

The second picture

Umm… what in that picture? The thing that’s crossed out? (im assuming that’s IFC)

or do you mean just the overall tag? it looks pretty normal to me, but idk for sure if that’s exactly how I saw those

It normally looks like this but instead the callsign is above everything else

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Ah okay, interesting
Maybe just a device formatting thing

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M is the Isle of Man identifier I use it for my M-SMXY callsign its in the general aviation section.

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Weird but LMAOOOO

That’s very funny but weird how is someone able to do that?

go to:

  • callsigns

→ General Aviation
→ Scroll until you find the letters you want
→ Input the other letters you’d like to use in your callsign in the big center letter box

I know I’m not stupid

I’m not wondering about the callsign, what I’m asking is that is it normal that the callsign is above everything

:skull: didnt even realize that

apologies lol

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Yes, i saw that in IF. Some people are really creative.🔪

The cause of this was with a “hack” using the tab key on your device when selecting a callsign. By doing so it would read out Mommy instead of phonetically saying each letter. Because of ‘tab’, the format would change when they make a command over frequency


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