Never have I ever - IF Edition


I did crash on landing…

Thanks (I guess?) for reminding me lol

I was thinking about

[FINISHED] The Providence Flyout @ KPVD - 091730ZAUG18 Lol


Never have I ever ran out of fuel on a flight

  • Yes rip
  • No

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Please don’t make these😉


Didn’t see one like this. Hard to find duplicates with like a 100 of these


I mostly just set this thread to tracking and vote for everyone as they come😁




Never have I ever pulled a sully

  • Yes, I have
  • No, I haven’t

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You weren’t following instructions?


Only on solo lol.




I tried doing it on Solo and failed drastically, lol (also this is in the middle of the night for me so nope)


This one time. I think it was like either an A340, maybe A380 or 747, I was taking of from some Alaskan airport and then shut down my engines and buttered on the water. This was at dusk.


That sounds fun! I’ve landed in the water with a TBM-930, but it was with engines on and gear down (the water was like solid or something, and it was not ice)


Never have I ever re created an air accident. (I re created American Flight 587)

  • I have
  • I have not

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Never have I ever tried to relive WWII on Live using a P38 or a Spitfire

  • Yes I have
  • No I haven’t

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Never have I ever seen @RTG113 crash

  • Yes I have
  • No I havent

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  • Yes,I have
  • No,I haven’t

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I will admit, as an SJC lover I have flown SFO-LAX before


Never have I ever flown low level over a busy airport in a jet

  • yes, I have
  • no, I haven’t

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Who hasn’t.

I love buzzing Heathrow/LAX then performing multiple barrel rolls around departed aircraft.