Never have I ever - IF Edition


The good old question, that more people voted for on my poll than yours🧐


Never have I ever used a runway that is not used at that time in IRL, in IF.
(i.e. you take of CYYZ runway 33L (which is rarely used), instead of the IRL 23.(again this is an example))

  • Yes I have
  • Yes I have-even at CYYZ
  • I probably have, but I wasn’t aware of it
  • No I haven’t, IRL is my bible for IF.

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Thanks to the c130’s nose gear 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Learned that lesson the hard way


Actuallly I crashed a TBM om TS right in front of @Laura @ EGLL
The day of the Massive Swiss001 event


Never have I ever

  • Finished a flight while chugging half a gallon of Coca Cola
  • Flew a flight got bored half way then played GTA for it to finish

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Please format like this: Never have I ever played IF outside

  • Yes I have
  • No I havent

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You don’t know how much I quit flights…


Never has my game ever crashed on final after 13 hours flying


@CaptainLionYT Use a poll please


Those who said no, you guys better! Amazing region to fly to


Ooohhh, this is IF edition😂

I thought in RL😂


Never have I ever flown the Embraer 195.

  • Yes, I have
  • No, I haven’t

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I literally just did that last night. I was busy playing fortnite! Jk, I actually don’t play. I was going to dinner.


I just did it half an hour ago because I was watching Fuller House 😂


Never have I ever: landed at KASE on runway 33 instead of 15.

  • Yes, I have
  • No, I have not
  • Where even is KASE?

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💯th post

By the way, be sure to avoid duplicate posts (a poll someone else has already done)


Never have I ever flown the space shuttle in IF:

  • Yes I have!
  • No I haven’t.

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Never have I ever:

  • Flown into YMAV
  • Flown into YMML
  • Never flown into the Melbourne area :(

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Never have I ever landed in Kabul

  • Yes
  • No
  • Where is it?

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Good times, with that space shuttle! 😄