Never have I ever - IF Edition


So @Balloonchaser has been ghosted? 🤔


I once landed without landing gear at a Friday night Flight in Dubai.

  • True
  • False

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Edit: my 1st Turbulent Tuesday (now discontinued) was in August 30 2016

Answer: True! It was an embarrassing moment…


to be honest im kinda new to IF not THAT new but still pretty new and ive only had 1 1 month subscription and i am now on my 2nd one and im in 1 official VA and im creating a VA for myself, just wanted to put that out there <3 <3


Most popular was San Clemente 👌💪💪


Well you came at a good time bro, so many planes and places to explore, you beat the peak hour traffic and now your roaming in the open country 😆


Never have I ever successfully taken off and landed into a trench.

  • Yes, I have.
  • No, I haven’t.

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Never have I ever flown to Japan 🇯🇵

  • Yes,I have
  • No,I haven’t

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Is Honduras counted South America because there’s no scenery?


I certainly have


Oh… that happened to me just yesterday… @EthanT2 knows…


Well he voted Yes so I’m assuming he did… unless he is lying


Never have I ever tried to do a long haul on a school night

  • Yes I have
  • Yes I have and it failed miserably
  • Yes I have because I thought that there was no school tmrw
  • No I haven’t
  • No I haven’t and I’m glad I didn’t
  • No I haven’t because my parents would kill me if I even tried

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Never have I ever flown into/out of EVRA?

  • Yes, I have
  • No, I haven’t
  • No, but I am planning to do so!

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Never have I ever spawned in at EGLL on TS1 and regretted it

  • Yes I have, and I was viciously attacked by aircraft
  • No I haven’t

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Never have I ever flown Air Force One (747 VC-25)

  • No, I haven’t
  • Yes, I am trusted to fly Mr. President
  • Yes, and I may have crashed…

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@Cpt_Alpha32 4: Yes, and I enjoy reproducing flight 1549 with him on board


Never have I ever flown out of KEWR.

  • Yes, I have
  • No, I haven’t

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Never have I ever quit my flight because I didn’t want to wait for it to finish and wanted to do something else on my phone.

  • Yes I have
  • No I haven’t

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Yes, I am trusted to fly Mr. President, and I may have crashed LOL