Never have I ever - IF Edition


I taxied to fast and reverse-thrusted on the taxiway

  • 1 YES
  • 2 NO

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Never have Landed crosswind conditions till I met IFSIM. It was showing skills required. Which I didn’t have for starter.


Never have I ever flown to KPIT…

  • I have!
  • I haven’t!
  • I haven’t and I intentionally avoid it to hurt KPIT’s feelings…

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I feel like @rtg113 and I have done all of these.


Never have I ever quit a flight because I was too lazy to land

  • Yes, I have
  • No, I haven’t

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who reads the tips?


Never have I ever crashed the plane while taxiing

  • Yes
  • No

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Never Have I Ever Manually Turn My Airplane Since Global (With A/P selected) I also mean you changed the heading yourself like we did before global.

  • I have
  • Nah I’m too lazy

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@Dillon_Lewis @Tom_Grollman this ones for you


Yes and proud of it. @Tom_Grollman


If my poll wasn’t clear, I didn’t mean you disengage heading then manually bank the plane, I meant manually input a heading


Never have I ever landed when the runway wasn’t lit up.

  • I always land when it’s lit
  • I sometimes land when it’s lit (based on keeping it realistic)
  • I never land when it’s lit.

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Never have I ever chose to play infinite flight over my priorities ( Work, Homework, etc )

  • Yes, too addictive
  • No, I’ll do that later

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Rarely do I do that


Never have I ever disobeyed an ATC command in Expert server

  • Yes, I have
  • No, I am good boi

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Heh, I still remember the reason I got ghosted. Was a really long time ago…

Makes me cringe so hard


@Cpt_Alpha32 in Expert or Training ?


@Tajay_White Expert


Never have I ever played Infinite Flight…

  • Yes because this is a great sim
  • No because no

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I have but It wasn’t with mischievous intent. It was because I didn’t know what to do :(