Never have I ever - IF Edition


Never have I ever landed on water

  • Yes, I have
  • No, I haven’t

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Never Have I ever been the first to post a screenshot of a first plane or livery in IF on the IFC after an update.

  • I have indeed been the first to post a screenshot of a new update on the IFC
  • No, I have not
  • What’s IF, what’s the IFC?

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Never have I ever flown in North Korean airspace in IF.

  • Yes I have
  • No I haven’t
  • Yes I have while representing the patriotic United States in a fighter

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Never have I ever trolled a mod on the Expert Server.

  • Yes I Have
  • No I Haven’t
  • Yes I Have and I Got Ghosted For It

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Did just that about a week ago when I flew from PEK to ZRH. Slept in and missed my descent time by 8 minutes. And guess what petty thing the expert ATC did? He ghosted me! I was so pissed I quit the flight. 🙄

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Listened to Training server ATC when they were giving you Vectors

  • Yes
  • No

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This morning a training server atc vectored me into a mountain on approach into KLAX from ZSPD. Luckily I decided to not listen to him and SAVE my plane😂. Luckily I buttered on 25R later.


Yes exactly haha XD

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