“Never gonna love me but it’s alright” | KDEN NOV.23rd | Pt.2

So I low key forgot to make part two of my other spotting topic so here it is. Almost a month later.

On that day I went to go meetup with my friend Hayden. I stayed for about two hours. The lighting was perfect. Got some good golden hour shots as well.

UA 737-800 departing out of DEN heading to LAX

UA 737-900 climbing out of DEN to some place on the West Coast

Another UA 737-900 departing to DEN to some place on the West Coast

United Express ERJ-175 operated by Sky🅱️est heading to KBOI

Southwest 737-700 with split Scimitars heading to LAX

Different Angle of a United 787-8 Dreamliner doing a rare 25 takeoff to LHR

United Express CRJ-700 operated by Sky🅱️est heading to ASE

United Express CRJ-200 operated by SkyBEST heading to I believe Montrose

United A320 with a steep climb out of DEN

United Express CRJ-700 operated by SkyBEST heading out West

Equipment: Canon EOS rebel t4i 75-300mm lens
Edited in Lightroom

Instagram: My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/den.aviation/

Haydens Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/speedbird5280/

Thank you for stopping by!! Constructive Criticisms is welcomed. I will be back with another spotting topic within the next few weeks!!


These pics are some of the best! @den.aviation that United 787 is amazing

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Thank you!!

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Your pictures give me good vi🅱️Es.
Thanks for sharing with us!


You have passed your vibe check sir.
Thank you!! 😂

Nice pics! I wish you had more southwest planes :)

Stunning! What camera and lens do you use?

I believe this could have been going to GJT. UA operates the E175 there frequently.
BTW where at KDEN would you recommenced for a newbie spotter, next time I’m on the other side of the hill my goal is to pop in to DEN and attempt some spotting.

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I’ll pm you my spots!!

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Thanks. Hopefully I’ll be down there soon.

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You stole me comment 😂

Very nice spotting pics, in fact, some of the best

This is what I use.
Then edit them in Lightroom

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Thank you!!!

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Flight history shows this aircraft was headed to KBOI.

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Ok boomer 🗿

Thank you!! I do wish there were more SWA planes too

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