Never ending notification

Not sure if this should be meta or not, so sorry in advance if it is wrong.

I have only on my phone a notification on IFC that is nover going away, it has been there for a day, and I have no outstanding notifications, it was simply a notification for someone liking my post, but I checked it, and now it wolnt ho away? Any solitions?

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When you go to your list of notifications, try pressing “dismiss”

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Is this in the app or a website on your phone?

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Adding onto what Ed said, here’s where “Dismiss” is located:

I don’t have any notifications, so it doesn’t show. But it’s located in the red boxed area.


Adding onto that, if the button does not appear for you, try going to your notifications list (ie Profile - KPIT - Infinite Flight Community) and pressing the “dismiss all” button on the left.


Thank you very much, sorry for the late response I was on the road and had no conection😞

Dismiss all seemed to solve it, @DeerCrusher do you want to do the honnors?


🔒 Honors have been fulfilled. 😉