Nevada Backcountry Bush flyin

Sometimes whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed with the struggles of life, I like to hop into IF and just explore the unseen scenery and relax. I don’t often fly the X-Cub but I find it to be such a smooth and gentle aircraft to fly in. I hope y’all enjoy these beautiful pics 😁

Aircraft: X-Cub
Flight time: 1 hour
Server: Expert
Airport: KSVE

Beautiful takeoff

Desert views

Pyramid Lake

Into the sunset

Backcountry skies



#realism #inverted

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I personally don’t like the XCub but I’m sure, with it, you can find some wonderful places to fly… Looking good!

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Yea I personally don’t fly it much but i decided to give it a spin :)

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🚨 Realism Alert 🚨
Inverted flying alert!

Just kidding, nice photos. The bush is always fun to fly in, wether that’s Alaska, Montana, or Nevada too.

Haha thanks. It really is a fun plane to fly in 👍🏼

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