Network Problems

Why is it that whenever I am on Expert Server, and in contact with ATC, the server goes down and I go “offline”? * This problem does not happen in Training Server.

Hey there!

Check you’re on a stable internet connection!

  • Try restarting your router
  • Try using a different network
  • Try using cellular data and see If there’s any difference
  • Try turning Airplane mode on and off for 30 seconds

Did you happen to exit the app or answer a phone call? These can all result in losing your connection.

Check out this topic and see if it happens to have your answer.

This is usually caused by a network error or server crash. Try using a stable connection

But it’s only on Expert Server

I am fairly sure this is coincidental. Unless there is a server problem (which is usually broadcast on the forum when discovered), then changing servers shouldn’t change your connection issues. Try the solutions above and do some more testing first.

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