Network Problem

I was flying from ZSSS to ZBAA one day. When I was at final, I noticed that the runway didn’t appear (Actually the whole airport didn’t show up. What I got was only the satellite images.) This experience makes me wonder: if the network problems I suffered from only happed to me, or is it a common situation?

  • Download airplanes and liveries, as well as loading map before entering the server is REAL slow.
    As for some reason, Chinese Mainland (where I am at) has a firewall (aka the GFW). I guess that’s the point? Cause when I tried to use virtual personal network, things becomes much much more better. However, it leads out the second problem:
  • With VPN turned on, Global Server in game becomes invalid EVERYTIME.
    The only solution is to turn off VPN, which leads to slow downloading network. I guess that’s why the issue I mentioned above (ZSSS-ZBAA trip) occurs.

How do you guys in Chinese Mainland face those problems? How do you deal with that?

Hello! This is a random phenomenon. Usually, if you do not clear the cache after successfully loading the airport, it will no longer occur.

Furthermore, what I want to say is that using IF does not require a VPN. No matter what device or model you are downloading, the first download will always be slow. As I mentioned earlier, if you don’t clear the cache, you will be faster next time


Yep it sure isn’t a must to use VPN but…
Without VPN the download speed is about 3seconds per 1% but with VPN the whole downloading action can be done in less than 10 seconds. After downloading the livery, we have to download terrain and satellite images which is even larger. Therefore I can’t not using VPN😵‍💫

Thx for your help💜

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