‘Network Issues’ and landing etiquette

I’ve now had this issue a few times and never sure what’s the best course of action.

I’m on final approach (on expert server) having been handed over to Tower and have clearance to land at a busy airport. I then experience ‘Network Issues’ which can last a few seconds or indeed a lot longer.

Should I immediately quit the game, go around or carry on with the landing?

Another similar situation is when taxing to runway and aircraft ahead is having ‘network issues’ and suddenly disappears.

Do I take their place or wait to see if they reappear?

The main concern is being ghosted for appearing to land or taxi through other aircraft. This is especially true when ATC are very busy and may not have noticed a pilot experiencing ’network issues’ or if a moderator who happens to be at the airport notices and decides to ghost the pilot.


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Controllers have been experiencing this issue with disappearing aircraft… The FDS team should be resetting the server soon to try and resolve the issue… You don’t have to leave your session :)

I hope this works - its something I have noticed for many months not just recently

I personally tend to go around and just get out the way of traffic if it lasts for more than 5/10 seconds


It really depends on where you are on final. If you have just started I would say go around. If you are on short final land as there is a .01% possibility for tower to clear another aircraft in that time that would cause a collision. You really have to use good judgement and determine if you have just had small network issues in flight or previously with your wifi.

I have experienced this countless times (always on expert) and I always continue my landing. Everytime it has happened, I’ve had a successful landing and ATC tells me to “when able turn blah and contact ground please expedite”.

Me too, however, there was one occasion when I was about 2NM away and decided to continue with my landing. Network came back to life literally as I was landing and I was ghosted for ‘landing on another aircraft’. Luckily it was rescinded after I had explained the situation and provided screen shots. Nowadays I quit to save having to go through the same rigmarole. So I’m interested to hear what other pilots do as a work around?

I would go around if I don’t connect to the network about 40 feet away from the runway. Then I divert to an inactive airport until my device connects successfully. So, diversion is an option in this situation.

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