Network issue

Are we having issues?

Possibly check your internet connection.

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Nope, not on the server’s end.

Please provide more information. This way we can better assist you.

Also this should go under the “support category”

Thank you for contacting support! So that we may better assist you, please provide more information by answering some of the questions below:

  • Can you please provide some more details surrounding the issue you have mentioned?
  • Which device and operating system are you using?
  • If you have received any error message, please provide the exact details of the error.
  • Is your device modified in any way?

I appreciate the information so I can more accurately solve your issue.

Kind Regards, Sebastian


Great thanks @K3v1nxu

Connection is fine… thanks… as soon as i log in, connection comes and goes… i see lots orange network issues… i will check and reboot my wifi… thanks AGAIN…

Thanks again… when an communicating ATC, connection goes… sometimes for few seconds and sometimes completely offline… the red wifi sign is Red… rebooted my android Samsung s7 and my wifi…

If you disconnect from your Wifi and use cellular data, do the issue remains?

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This happens occasionally based on personal connection, server load, and even the controller’s connection. We always encourage strong connections for all parties, not leaving your session, and some understanding on days where the servers are at peaks with the FNF and the beginning of the weekend.

We’ll continue to monitor and make adjustments if necessary. Thanks for the report!