Network Error

I’m doing my first A350 flight and I’m about 3 hours in and have just noticed a network error appearing. I’ve done the following to try and fix it: turned airplane mode on and off and turned wifi off and on. I’ve checked and my wifi is working on other apps such as safari and is working on my other devices. Are there any other methods to get the network working again? I don’t really want to end the flight because I’m already 3 hours in.
Thanks in advance.

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Hey Tim,

Have you tried using data (cellular connection)? Otherwise, maybe resetting your WiFi modem could work. Keep in mind, if your WiFi source doesn’t come from a cable, and comes from “the air”, and the area is covered in cloud/smoke haze, it could affect the connection speed.

Also, would you be able to give us some info on the device being used? I am currently not experiencing any network errors.


The device is an iPad 6th generation I believe and I’ve tried hotspotting from my phone to the iPad but doesn’t seem to be working. I’m pretty sure my wifi source is from cable but regardless, there isn’t too much smoke or haze in the Brisbane area today.

I see, maybe a device restart would be necessary. Also, one last thing, is the “Live Server” not working, or, is it something else like “Weather”?

I have these issues every once in a while on my phone, and a restart always seems to work.

Could your power be out? This probably isn’t the issue, but, you never know…

It’s the live server that’s not working. When I disconnected from the internet fully some of the other ones stopped working as well so I’m confused. I guess I’ll either have to complete the flight not connected to the live server or restart. :/

Yeah, that seems to be the only options that I know of. Sorry!

Anyway, I hope I was some sort of help…


I may be wrong but I heard somewhere that in the new update I can earn XP even if I get disconnected from the live server. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

You will keep the XP that you earned prior to the moment that you disconnected. However, it should be that after being disconnected, you won’t earn any XP (to the best of my knowledge).

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My question is did you exit the app at all? for more then a minute?

Nope, I only exited after the live server disconnected to check my wifi was connected and everything.

Okay then, is your device up to date? Ipad os13?

Yeah. I think it may have just been a one off thing, hopefully it doesn’t happen when I try to redo the flight.

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