Network Error.

Hi fellow flight simmers,
I hope you are well.
I am currently half way through an 11:40 min flight. A battery pop up, paused the game for about 5seconds. I don’t know whether that caused the network problem. The green tick at the top left turned red and says “Disconnected: network error”. This is highly frustrating as it does not log my flying hours or XP. I was wondering if anything could be done to fix this issue or to get my hours back.
Many thanks

It takes quite a lot more time for the app to disconnect when paused. But, unfortunately there is no way to reconnect when displayed with “NetworkError”. The app have done multiple attempts without success.

Your XP & flight time is however counted up until the point of error, so it’s not all lost. But i understand it can be frustrating.

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@schyllberg Thanks for all your help. I’m still flying now with a hour left. It is very frustrating as it happened 1 hour in on a 11 hour flight.
But it doesn’t matter as i’m still really enjoying my self.