Network Disconnected.

I play most of the time and for some reason, my device keeps saying network disconnected. It just happened to me right now in OMAA Expert Server. My WiFi bars are full on my device and I am not sure what I should do.

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Reload device, reboot router

Thanks for contacting support.

Are you sure you have a stable internet connection? Sometimes your device will show full bars, when in reality there isn’t a wifi connection. Some things to try: restart your device, restart your router, disconnect and re-plug your router. If none of these work, communicate with an Infinite Flight moderator or seek further assistance by calling your network provider (ex: Verizon, Optimum, etc.)

Good day!

I will try restarting my device and my router. I will be back in a couple hours and I will try it. Thanks and good bye

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Well sorry for the massive delay but still nothing happens. Just departed out of an airport and this is my connection, Weather: Red, User Account: Yellow, Global Server: Red, API Service: Green, Live Server: Yellow. This happens many times with them being different every time I depart.

You should try to reinstall the app. Also, do you use VPN? This might affect your flight experience

No I don’t use VPN and I will respond with the re-installation.

When this happens to me I just go to control center turn off WiFi wait a few seconds then turn it back on,it usually works

Turn-on Airplane mode for approximately 30 sec then turn it off and go back to the game. It should work after that. Well at least that’s what solved my issue today with Global Server being red. It took some time after i switched airplane mode on and off but after doing multiple time (3-4 times), at last it worked :)

My case wasn’t as bad/severe as yours but you could always give it a try, who knows it might be solution?

Tip Credit: @schyllberg

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Not sure if this can be marked as resolved with a solution.

IPad Pro 12.9 running iOS 11.3 (15E216)
Expert Server

I just had the same problem. Been flying all day to have this issue happen. Tried all the tips above to have the following appear after I turned airport mode on and off.
Weather: Green
User Account: Green
Global Server: Green
API Service: Green
Live Server: Red

Would be greatful for this to be further investigated.



Try restarting your router and see if that’ll help.

As soon as I restarted the Application, no issue present. Other devices no problems and high speed stable connection. I have seen other posts like Unable to reconnect to live server - #14 by Chatta290

I think it is an issue FDS side of things and needs investigating.

If there’s a issue on their side then i wouldn’t be able to fly now, along with tons of the players.
You said it worked fine before, have tried restarting your device, or reinstalling the app?

If it doesn’t work then i’m sorry but i guess if there’s a issue on their side it’s affecting you right now.

Has anything been popping up which resulted in the App being paused? Aka a battery low message which results in you needing to click resume in the flight? I know this sometimes causes issues for me if I don’t realise for five minutes as it won’t reconnect after. Or if you got a FaceTime call for example? I believe it’s anything that’s pausing the app for a period of time which is one of the issues.