Network Disconnect & iPad Pro

I saw a specific post relating to this (Network Disconnected.), where I have had the exact same issue, but it was closed. I never experienced this with the iPad mini, so I’m wondering if this is an iPad Pro issue. Basically, overnight sometimes the internet goes down. In the past I would not notice as I mentioned I didn’t have this problem with the iPad Mini, but it has happened at least 3 times in the last month with the iPad Pro. I check in after an outage, router is rebooted etc. (all the solutions mentioned in the previous post have been tried) I’m still flying, all systems are green, except network connectivity, and previously it would try to re-connect over and over (on the iPad Mini), but it stays a solid red with the Pro.

Wondering if this is only being experience by iPad Pro users?
Or if there is a known solution?

IMG_3942 IMG_3941

I think there was a short Server Closure at that time. I’ll need to check in which server was that in.

Hopefully the issue was related to this previous topic. Take a look: 👇

Once the connection has been gone for a while it won’t ever reconnect, this is the same on all devices unfortunately.

This could also relate to your network. Unfortunately we cannot do anything to improve your connection, since it stops overnight.

that would have been prob too early for my issue. I was 6hrs in a 11hr flight, so for 5hrs I was flying disconnected.

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That was already solved, It think so!

ok… that would be it then, but on the iPad mini us used to keep trying at least…

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