Network Connection Online

Today I tried to get online and I get a red icon top right where I am not able to connect to the server. The internet and other devices in the house can get online no problem, as well as internet on this device aside from IF.

Using 2nd gen iPad Pro 12.9.

Try restarting your device.

If that does not work, restart your WiFi router and log back in.


And you checked to see if your device was connected to the wifi in your general settings?

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Hi Mr Ox, this happens when you exit from the app for a very long time and come back. Another factor could be if you where ghosted and still continued flying on the expert server. Those are really the two only ones i could imagine besides bad internet connection. where you ghosted on the expert server, or did you exit the app for a very long period of time?

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Uninstall + reinstall. Always worth a shot 👍

That worked. Had to reset the router.

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Device has wifi and LTE

Wasn’t ghosted so it was internet problems

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