Network connection issue after ios pop-up

Hello people,
I read an older thread which is closed now, where there is no answer that fixes the “Live Server” reconnection issue after leaving an iOS pop-up message up too long.
I left a flight overnight and getting a message about an apple update paused IF for too long, I can only assume.
I tried restarting my router, using LTE, switching off to airplane mode a couple times, looking into the network DNS, nothing solved the issue and I’m still not connected to Live Server. At this point I believe the only option to fix it would be restarting the app or my device, however if this problem occurs to people inflight for a long time it would be quite bothering having to quit the flight.
Any guesses?


Unfortunately there is no fix. If you’ve been disconnected for too long, you won’t be allow to re-connect for the remained of the session.

Ok thank you for your quick reply! I will ensure to disable pop up messages if I can then.

Turn on Do Not Disturb if possible. It helps with most popups, but not all I’m afraid. Some system related ones may appear either way.