NetJets Virtual

Just wondering if there was a NetJets VA still out there.

That airline is blacklisted by IFVARB because I believe NetJets would not allow them to use their name, copyright issues.

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It’s not on the black list… any more.

If you search under banned virtual airlines

It’s still there. 🙂

Ah ok. Thanks guys! Oh well.

No worries! If you’re interested in starting a VO based on NetJets, that is an option. Just be sure that your branding isn’t the same as theirs, i.e., logos, name, etc.

I will say, it was NetJets Virtual that got me going with Infinite Flight. It was the first and only VA I had joined full time. Loved every moment of it, met new great people before leaving to become a moderator. Great memories. Was sad to hear it made it to the blacklist due to copyright reasons, but its for the good.