NetJets Virtual

NetJets Virtual is the first and only business aviation virtual airline in Infinite Flight. As one of the first virtual airlines created, we have the most experienced members flying for us. We also feature flight recording via the Infinite Passengers app.

Application Process

If you decide to apply without a referral, there are some requirements. The requirements are as follows:

  • Rated grade 4 or higher in I.F. (some exceptions will be made to members of the IFC with good standing)

  • Required to do a flight check with either the CEO or Board Members

  • Have a positive history here on the IFC

  • You cannot be part of any other virtual airline

The only other way to join is to be referred by one of our current members.

Crew Bases

NetJets Virtual uses the same network of bases that our real life counterpart does. We operate out of four major regions; Eastern U.S., Western U.S., Europe, & China.

Our crew bases can be found on this map: Map

A map of our bases and airports with our partner Signature Flight Support can be found here.

* Pilots are not required to fly from their crew base until Global flight is released.

Meet the Staff

Want More Information?

Visit our website (our application form is there) or follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Our Website

Our Twitter

Our Instagram

Youtube (coming soon!)

If you would like to express any concerns, Please contact our public relations department:

*NetJets Virtual is IFVARB approved.

Glad to see a thread up and running. You guys have always been an awesome Virtual Airline.


actually Emirates VA has an executive/ business setor


We are only business aviation.

Thanks for the kind words! We appreciate the support!


Join our event celebrating @DeerCrusher 's birthday today!


I like the place you chose for the event. PIE…pie…birthday…some people have pie for their birthday. Anyways 😂 amazing looking event.


Haha! I didn’t even realize that. I didn’t choose it though, the man @DeerCrusher himself did!


Well good on him even if it was unintentional!


One of your crew bases is two minutes from my house.

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Really? Which one is it?

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Scottsdale airport :)


If you haven’t seen our new event, make sure you check it out!


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