NetJets_Nick ATC Thread: Currently Closed

I’d really appreciate it if some guys could come out and help me prepare for my ATC test every now and then. Please only post feedback and questions.


ATC open @ KCMH (Port Columbus) on TS1.

Make sure you take into account airport elevation before giving a transition. You gave me 2,000ft and I was only 1,000ft AGL. 3,500 - 4,500ft would have been the correct transition. Also, speed up a bit with commands. It can get pretty busy sometimes in the expert server (believe it or not) and you need to work at a reasonable pace. Finally, I didn’t receive an exit command when I first landed, hence I asked for frequency change. If an aircraft is going T&Gs and they go below 60kts on the runway, you should give an exit command. Overall, you did a pretty good job. Try to focus on speed! ;)


My bad. I had heard that the ATC displayed ground level elevation. I hit the commands as quickly as I can, but my device lags a bit when I click on each aircraft (this just started happening with global). Thanks for your feedback.

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Lower is fine. 500 feet minimum for VFR to VFR as per the AIM classifying under as a near miss. 1000 for IFR. Outside of aircraft actually being in the pattern and requiring those standards, it’s pretty much fair game.


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