NetJets Global 6000 Trip Report

NetJets Global 6000 Trip Report

credit: flickr

Hey everyone, welcome to my NetJets trip report! Today, I am flying on the Bombardier Global 6000 from Aspen to Van Nuys on N142QS.

Flight Information:

🛫 Aspen @ 5:01 MST
🛬 Van Nuys @ 5:44 PST
🛩 40,000ft
✈️ 6 SOB / 3 pax / 3 crew


After a delay from the flight from Montana to Aspen, the flight was an hour delayed but we took off uneventfully with me in the jumpseat! We climbed to 40,000ft and the service began. Due to the short duration of the flight, there was no meal service but snacks and drinks were provided by the flight attendant. I ended up going into the aft cabin and having it to myself during cruise which was a nice treat. I didn’t get photos of that cabin but I did get some of the cockpit:

We began an extremely turbulent decent, the pilots said we did receive severe turbulence meaning momentary losses of control. Apart from that, the initial descent was uneventful. A big twist ended up being when at 400ft the pilots made an extreme go-around. I was in the jumpseat with a headset and I heard the pilots request 2 wind-checks, and on both occasions, ATC said winds were calm. It turned out that the winds were not calm and that we were landing on runway 16R with a 28kt tailwind. The pilots immediately pulled back on the yoke and added TO/GA thrust propelling the plane to 4,000ft. This also made the 4 aircraft behind us go around together. We flew a pattern and then made a 180 back to Van Nuys and had a very bumpy landing on 34L.

Overall, the crew was nice and professional and the flight attendant was very kind. I was also very thankful to the pilots for allowing me to sit in the jumpseat for a good part of the flight.

If you would like to know more about the NetJets G6000, you can click here. If you want this plane in IF, please vote for it here.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the sky!


The PrIvAtE jEt FlEx ThO.

Hope you enjoyed the flight!


Yeah, that’s why I was hesitant to make this because I didn’t want to flex. I did sprain my leg skiing so it wasn’t an amazing day.

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This is pretty awesome how did you get on this trip/

I’ve been on NetJets dozens of times, but it’s usually on the Challenger 350 so I was stoked to be on the global. My dad has part ownership of one of the 350s so I get to fly NetJets. The reason I didn’t make a trip report earlier as I didn’t want to hurt my status on the IFC for flexing but I thought this was cool.

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Thats pretty cool thanks for sharing a few photos!

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No worries, I didn’t want to look weird taking photos so I had to do it discreetly.

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Never a good sign when you see both pilots’ heads down and one on their phone. No one looking outside. I guess the rumors are true about NetJets. 😂


That must be one cool experience!

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Weren’t you part of the old NetJets VA?

I was. Long long time ago.


Interesting report!
I love Aspen, such a unique airport, and the Global is a stunning plane.

Didn’t we do your last Netjets flight out of aspen @DeerCrusher?

You mean this flight?


Yes, fun times!
I remember we parked on the south side of Concourse A, and I was in the gate next to you where we, and everyone else clipped winglets, because they were RJ gates!

Anyways we are really OT 😂


NetJets VA was the real deal back in the day! Fun times… but wow thats an amazing experience!


We mostly see the Cessnas here in Geneva, I wish we could get more of these Global 6000 👍

😂😂 to be fair though… I think the one on the left is looking at weather( could be his stock portfolio also. I just see a bunch of numbers (metar or stock comes in mind with that kinda set up) The right who knows. Nap time? Haha

Either way, I would never make it that obvious. To send emails/wifi calling in for pax(transportation, meals, hotel accomodations). At times like that I would love to be a 121 guy. Hard to tell pax the wx radar on Embrars are utter crap. Not sure about the global though. My apps are more reliable.

That said, I think netjets is going to have a mandatory retirement age now. 70 I believe. Not passed it. Apparently there’s a handful of 80 yr old there still flying. No wonder upgrade is 10 yrs. Lol


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