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Hey IFC,

Yesterday I was flying some routes on the most busy airports on FNF. When I on short final, Tower quit the session and the airport went to Unicom. So far, so ok. I did my normal routine and told my position and what I wanted to do on Unicom. I was approximately 1000 meters away from final touchdown. Two c130‘s entered the runway after tower left. And tower didn’t told them to enter runway. I told the other aircrafts my final approach two times. No reaction. There was also someone of the staff on the ground. As you can see on the screenshot. So I started my go around. But I was really unsatisfied how this situation went along. This is the expert server on FNF and not casual or training. And this happens quite as often imo.


If you believe that these two users have disrupted your experience on the Expert server, which I am sure that is what you are claiming, then I believe you should be able to contact/privately message a moderator on here to get those 2 users ghosted accordingly or check if they have already been ghosted by that staff member that was present during the situation.

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No, I don’t want that, because I think such an example leads to nothing. Maybe we need better training server rules and maybe something like a „pilot license“ to enter expert server?! 🤷🏻‍♂️

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It’s a shame that these two were too impatient to wait for another controller before taking off. They could be new to the expert server or perhaps they did not see you on final approach. Of course, no one wants to assume the worst and find out that they wanted to directly impact the FNF!

You made the right decision to go around, let’s hope that the culprits see this post and learn from their mistake.

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Unfortunately impatient pilots are a bit of a biproduct of a military FNF. At a session at EGVN earlier today I reported 3 pilots for excessive speed and 1 for takeoff without permission. The people who fly fighter jets just want to fly ridiculously fast and have fun, but the former is not we can tolerate (we’re talking 400+ kts on takeoff). Going over my replay I can actually see some callsigns that are shown in that screenshot. If you don’t mind me asking, what time did it happen?

EDIT: Just grabbed the time stamp from your screenshot, looks like it happened just as I logged off. Unfortunately there was nobody taking over from me immediately so no controller was there to see it happen.

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14:11z at EGVN

Yep see my edit

Dont let them hurth your feelings bro,stay strong and dont cry:)

No worries. Thx for your reply. Things happen, the only thing I’m complaining is absolutely ignorance. Both entered immediately after you left. And both took off nearly simultaneously l. This is something for casual server. Not expert.

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:D now I’m ok, but I cried a lot.

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Thank you for the self-GA and the professional act that you did @Black_Bird

Unfortunately this is not isolated incident. As soon as Controller Change is announced and Unicom is alive, it is basically back to square one. I was once sitting on the ground after landing with frequency online, and during the controller change, two aircraft lining up and takeoff without spacing even as one aircraft was 500ft AAL on short final approaching the runway. The short final aircraft also just ram and three-way collision happened :(

Once again, we hope to see more pilots like you in the skies :D


Ofc. That’s why you need to check your surroundings. And the map. And they should have seen my message, 2times.
New doesn’t mean to ignore rules. That’s why I think passing an pilot license on TS could might help.

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Thx man. Everyone makes mistakes and I try to have a understanding for those situations. But sometimes it’s hard to be patient.

Things like that are always quite annoying. The only thing I can suggest for now is just to fly to smaller airports, never ever had to report anyone in non-hubs.

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