Net Neutrality

Hi, guys as many of u.s citizen probably know the net neutrality law was just recently repealed by government officials. As a recent business insider article shows. (read the article for more ) My quick question to developers will this effect infinite flight for users in the u.s?

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This is an Infinite Flight Forum, only make topics that are related to Infinite Flight or Aviation. Feel free to share it in the lounge if you reach TL3, In fact there already is a topic in the lounge about this.




This effects IFC/IF potentially and I would love to hear from the Devs/Mods on this one.

Thanks just wondering. :)

How? No. You will still be able to access the IFC. Net neutrality is about the internet providers not the websites themselves…


It would be up to internet providers I belive check the link to the article.

This was only step 1. It will basically require another 50 steps and several years before anyone can determine the actual effect of this. Especially for minor websites such as IFC.