Net Jets VA?

Is there a net jets VA/VO in the works?

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I’m not sure, but I don’t think so

Would be cool though

Yeah. Even though only 1 plane would be flown. Maybe 5 if they shoot fir the crjs but yeah.

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I cant make one tho. I’m doing ac1v

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Just need tl2

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Look here if you want to find approved VA/VOs

Yea would be nice to see a bunch of citations flying to one place

All VA/VOs in the works are listed here

Nothing there about it.

Just looked.

A quick search revealed that a NetJets VA exists, or at least used to exist.

Maybe consider searching for the VA using the search function before asking next time?

I couldnt find it in va category

There was one a couple months back but I believed it closed its doors. The closest Virtual Airline that is approved is Executive Jet but I have heard they are currently not accepting pilots. I would personally look at the list @DiamondGaming4 has posted for your convivence. If there is one not the there, you can create your own. When you become TL2, then you can contact a admin

Theres not one, I’m already trying to join exec jets but hit a Wallish problem but anyway. I cant create one cause I’m working on ac1v

If I may ask, what does this mean? Is it school related?

There is a ethers va called Executive jet charter that I am a part of. He currently are not accepting pilots at the moment.

Hello Haden, this is the second topic you have made looking for a specific VA/VO, and the same links have been provided for you to use. If the VA is active or in reserve, it would be listed in these locations. Please avoid clogging up the forums with similar topics. You could also PM one of the IFVARB admins with additional questions, and they would be able to help you out with their expertise.


Air choice 1 Virtual

Once you reach TL2 then I would follow the protocols provided in IFVARB’s threads and contact them according to the directions they provide on the forum. You’ll get there and good luck with your endeavors.