Nervous ATC

Today i was performing a flight on expert server, about 800 nm distance. ATC was present on departure airport and on arrival airport. Departure, cruise, descent went smooth. About 20 nm from arriving airport glideslope intercepted, altitude set for the 10nm final approach, speed was 160 kias, contact with the tower was established, “cleared to land number 2 traffic to follow is on final”. So i turn right base, i report my position, “is on right base”, i get the answer “youre allready cleared to land, avoid sending duplicate messages”, so i click “im sorry” to humor the guy. Final approach i report my position “is on final”, again “avoid sending duplicate …”. I know im cleared for landing, you cleared me 10 mins ago. I am politely reporting my position. What is the problem with that? I didnt spam it, reported it once each time for right base and for final. You could have pressed “roger”. Nothing against anyone, i go on expert server to avoid that kind of things. Respect to all polite and professional ATC.

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Once you’re cleared to land, there is absolutely no reason to keep reporting your position. ATC is completely aware where you are, otherwise he would not have cleared you for landing. That’s why the controller send those messages.

So remember: Once you’re cleared to land, you’re cleared to land. No need for further reports.

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once the controller authorizes you you don’t have to. send him more messages feeling wrong, he’ll see remember you see the space of a small window and cast the entire space good flights!

Yes it happened to me to there’s no need to say it if ATC already cleared you to land 👍🏽👍🏽

Who are you humoring?

He said the correct thing.


When you report your position in a busy airspace it adds to frequency congestion.



The problem is that you’re taking up commands that ATC could be sending to other aircraft / you’re just spamming Tower frequency. You already know who you’re sequenced behind. Maintain a safe distance with the aircraft ahead and proceed if cleared. No need for the other nonsense


In the time it took you to write this post, you probably could’ve searched up one of the many tutorials here on IFC and understood your mistake ;)


You have to do that on Unicom though.

While I know such super early landing clearances can be very odd and bothering at times, especially as they’re not really realistic in Europe, all the other replies are correct.

Once you’re cleared to land enjoy your final approach and keep the frequency free.

I didnt mention when i was arriving and landing there were 2 planes in the entire airspace. Me and another guy. The other guy remained in the pattern. Probably a buddy of the ATC cause he let him do certain things. If there would have been a lot of traffic I wouldnt report right base but would report final nevertheless. So i didnt clog up the frequency. It felt like I am on EGLL at 3pm on training server. But nevermind, ATC had probably a bad day.

No, he did not. Even if you’d have been the only airplane in the entire airspace, you must not report your position after you’ve been cleared to land. Once you’re cleared to land, you’re cleared to land. ATC knows where you are, they are not letting other planes on the runway. Therefore ATC did everything right.

Please stay respectful here. It’s not ATC who made a mistake. And even if they do: Humans make mistakes. That’s what makes us human, we’re not perfect. But again, in this case ATC did everything right. 😊


The only cases where voluntary position reports would be acceptable in real life (and in IF), would be if you feel like something is not right and to help with a confusing situation.


You’re right you do need to do it on Unicom but in Unicom there is no active controller just communication between the planes so you do it to make sure everyone knows how close you are to landing while on tower, the controller organizes the airspace so that you don’t have to report position a lot.

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Instead of trying to prove how right you are why don’t you use this platform to learn about why you were actually wrong. This community forum is used for learning and communicating, not bashing and making assumptions about how someones day went. Hope you learn from this.

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I think it’s time to stop. Please guys, already been awnsered, if you want to continue I think it’ll be better to dm. :)

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This rule even applies in real life aviation as well. Before you are cleared, feel free to report your position. It is common for controllers to give you a pattern entry and to tell you to “report downwind.” However, once you are cleared you don’t make any further reports.

So feel free to report if you aren’t cleared, but if you are it is unrealistic and clutters the frequency.


Welcome to the community, and I sincerely hope you take the time to learn the correct procedures to use when ATC is controlling. The tutorials section has a lot of great content to help you familiarize yourself with the proper ways to operate and communicate.

As others have stated, regardless of busyness of the airspace, the proper procedure is to simply report inbound for landing; and once you have received pattern entry instructions, sequence if necessary, and landing clearance, just land. Position reporting is not necessary and not proper after clearance. Most IFATC controllers will give you an “already cleared to land, avoid unnecessary reports” if you do.


There is no need to say the same thing in different ways over and over. This has been answered. If you have any additional question, please feel free to reach out but I am closing this to keep people from replying with the same information… again.