Nepal Region



  1. Mountainous, like Southern California and Denver
  2. Many commercial routes
  3. Tenzing-Hillary airport in Lukla (VNLK) approach.

Nepal-Bangladesh-India Region

Kinda like the Hawaii region-Heaven for Cessna 208s.

This may be an excuse to get the only new-build 757 combi, the 757-200M :grinning:.

Long live the DC-9!


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@El_Alex@Boeing707 @divebuddha Ahhhhh. Napal/Tibet/PRC now dem’s some mountains! The Himalayas… Think Lasha, Flying Tigers (P-41/Tomahawk), The Hump (C-47), Zero’s the list is endless. I think Boeing will agree it just like that “Old Time Religion” . The aircraft pick will never happen but friends this is “Porter” country… Regards, Max Sends


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Pilatus sadly will not be soon likely :disappointed:. Pilatus is not that well known and the PC-12 is more known than the STOL PC-6. Hopefully, IF decides to overlook that popularity gap and decides to include more STOL aircraft, a fixture not well represented in IF (Decathlon or “Super D”, 208 at a light weight, 172??)

Long live the DC-9!