Nepal-Bangladesh-India Region

In LiveFlight there are red areas showing the dimensions for each region.
I roughly took the dimensions of Hawaii’s map (taking care of ratio) and recreated the area onto Nepal and Bangladesh. Here is the result:

This means that roughly, the airports of:
-VNKT (Katmandu-Tribhuvan Intl.)
-VGHS (Bangladesh-Shahjalal Intl.)
-VQPR (Thimphu-Paro Intl.)
-VNVT (Biratnagar)
-VEBD (Bagdogra)
-VNLK (Lukla)
Could be fitted into the new region.
I think it would be a great addition, with lovely imagery and challenging airports.


Though you have added on to these posts (quite professionally) they are fairly similar, I’m not sure if this will be allowed or not (considering you have added Bangladesh onto them.)

Mine is more concise and reasonable, backed with research.

So I guess it’s not the same. : )

I know, but all I’m saying is don’t keep your hopes up, the likely hood is that someone will close it or merge it with one of the previous topics no matter how much better yours is. It’s happened to most of us before

True… We’ll see.

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Lukla is an airport I would love.

Paro and Kathmandu are fine also

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My only concern would be the slopped runways such as Lukla. As of now you often end up going into the terrain or ‘Under the map’ if you go off a flat surface

What about Delhi?

After my holidays in Delhi this summer, I will never forgot my take-off back to Europe: night time (~1 AM), A330 TOGA thrust and climb following NADP 2 procedures. After take-off, thrust reduction altitude comes very fast. Passing levers from TOGA to Climb…we hear the engines reducing thrust…then it’s silence: beautiful citylights passing below me…

After 10-15 minutes, It gets dark because we fly over the mountains. Only one or two light, between 2 Moutains… A flight where we will fly over unknown cities, with strange names!

When the sun rises, Europe is here. On the IFE, you can finally identify cities you know: Bucharest, Budapest, Graz, Vienna, Munich…

All this in one small night…you have travelled more than 6000km over beautiful and unknown places…

So If Delhi with citylights could be added, I will at least be able to fly the first part of my flight :) One day, I hope to fly from Delhi to Paris, ( as AF225 ) in Infinite flight! :))

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What aircraft were you on?

As I said, the A330…

Sorry, missed that bit…

No worries :)

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I know… But it is a nice challenge? 😁

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It would be a cool region for sure but falling into the Mt on takeoff wouldnt be much fun ;)

You’ll take off nearly like a helicopter with a Twin Otter though ;)

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