Nepal Airlines A330-200

As we all know that Nepal airlines is the flag carrier of Nepal and operates a small fleet of aircraft in Asia and South Asia. However there is not even a single livery from this country. So it would be gr8 to add a livery of Nepal airlines a333 being the youngest member of its fleet. The livery is very beautiful and would be a gr8 addition. Though the mentioned aircraft is an a332, it can be added as an a333.



It would be beneficial to add more details on the airline and a better quality image - not forgetting to add credits where appropriate.

This is also a request for the A330-200, not -300, it wouldn’t be added as a -300 if its not in the fleet.

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With the A330 rework coming soon this Livery would be great!

Long haul flights out of VNKT are done a lot with this aircraft, I am out of votes, but I hope this gets added :D

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