Neos Air Fleet

[I simply make a summary about the requests for this Airline, “Neos Air”, and I want to add the B737-800 to this list, so guys this ISN’T a duplicate]

Guys, the Global is coming, so…

I think, or better, we think that a touch of Italy is necessary in this game so it would be nice to see this Airline with all his Fleet in the skies of IF! 🇮🇹

Here’s to you guys the Neos Air Fleet:

Let’s start with the classic B737-800

The B738 is used by the Airline for the Short and Medium haul routes

His bigger brother is the B767-300ER

The B763 is used by the Airline for Medium and Long haul routes

And in the end the B787-9 that it will arrive in the 2018

This one will be used by the Airline for Long haul routes

Please guys support these features and comment below your opinion! 💪🏻🇮🇹


This is an invalid feature request. There’s more than 1 picture and request. Please look at how to make a proper request here.


Just request the 737-800, no need to add the others. You can just link the topics, as this breaks the rule for one pic per request. Thanks.

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Duplicate: search before posting


I know but reason please…
I make a summary with the Aircrafts of this Airline and I don’t do a single request for every plane because I would do only chaos and useless topics, so I thought that would be better if I make ONE POST for everything! You don’t like it??

No it’s not that it’s because it’s against the rules. One request per topic with one picture and it can’t be a duplicate so stick with the B737-800 if it’s not a duplicate but nothing else