Neos Air B737-800

Hi guys,
I make this topic because the last that I’ve created was closed because of my error, so sorry for that

I think it would be nice to see this Aircraft in IF!

Love this guys! :)


Reminds me to Thomson Airlines


Yes it’s like an Italian version of Thompson Airline! ;) But in Italy Neos is very famous! :)


Was an ex-TUI Group Airline😉


Okay thats might be the Explanation. Nevermind it looks good.


I see this at Bristol Airport here in the U.K. It is very similar and you can easily confuse it with the Thomson livery as that’s usually the only livery with that kind of blue

NO man, there is a difference between them eh!

But for me it’s easy to confuse as the airport is covered mostly with bushes from the road so it’s hard to see and for the ten years there is always one or two Thomson aircraft and looking at their old livery it’s very similar and when you see a blue plane you just assume as this neos plane does not operate as frequently

In your state Neos doesn’t operate frequently but in mine yes! ;)

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Really nice livery. 😃😍
A touch of Italy 👍

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That’s one pretty bird


Yes, it’s so cute!

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Very nice!!

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I looks nice, apart from the fact that it got retrofitted with the 737 classic windows.

NEOS should not be forgotten! :)