NeoPauliMittwoch's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Heya. I had to pause due to work. Now I am back and want to practise a bit before i got tested to become an IFATC again :D

Please help me to practise ^^ Open for 1h


Palma was never so empty like today ^^ how is you airport doing @Menthesuphisth

Still have some people who come and go. But nothing special compared to all the other big hubs (e.g. EGCC, EHAM,OMDB and LFPG)

I dont want the traffic of big hubs lol… like 2 or 3 ppl doing patterns would be enough ^^

EDDT Calling. Need some pattern action here :D


@Menthesuphisth fast faster Emanuyh ^^ in a hurry? ^^


Haha sorry, I am currently working and it’s quite busy atm! Will come next time…!

At least u were my first and only real pattern flyer ^^ Thank you @Menthesuphisth


EDDT OPEN AGAIN. :) warm up for practical exam

n561jv in tbm on my way!

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Good job. Sorry I couldn’t stay longer. The “maintain slowest speed” after we were sequenced wasn’t entirely necessary as it is my responsibility to maintain separation but if I kept going that speed I would have probably gotten too close so it wasn’t a mistake either ;-}


Thanks for coming by. At least i could practise sequencing once again ^^

Flawless all around !!đź‘Ť great job

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Thank you for joining :)

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:) Sup NeoPauli it’s ze legendary Uber violation hunting ultralight here

Training for a few hours. Come and fly some patterns with me :D warm up for practical exam.

I closed due to several airplanes destroying any fluent ATC working. Thanks to the Spitfire and sorry that you had to go around several times even if i tried to give you another runway another idiot appear and f… up your landing.
Nice to see that ppl are able to fly with spitfire.

Reopen at LEPA

Pauli, this wasn’t a good practice environment. Although you did perfect for the pilots who were no trolls!

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