NEOoooming Across the US

Haven’t made a S&V topic for a minute. Still trying new angles and stuff, so bear with me.

Route: (KSEA/SEA) - (KDTW/DTW)
Time: 3 hours 20 minutes
Plane: Delta A339
Server: Expert

Onto the photos!

Loading it up for the domestic flight to Deeeeeeetroit.

Photo Op with Mt. Rainier. Departure at 1pm local time.

Playing above the Cascades.

Past, the Cascades, it’s pretty flat

Most likely above the Dakota’s.

Crabbing my way into gusty DTW

A smooth landing given the challenging winds

Enjoying the last rays of the sun.

Thanks for stopping by! Feedback is appreciated!


Nice pictures! I like the 2nd photo a lot!


Thank you!

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Nice photos i like the last one a lot!

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Im going to second that earlier comment, your second pic is really good! i like all of them but thats choice!

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These are awesome - your DTW approach is sweet. Great work, mate!

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thank you! appreciate it!

Thanks! I’m glad you liked it!

Thanks! It was challenging! The winds kept shifting from 15-23kts!