Nellis Spotting (feat. an unhealthy amount of DeNoise)

Why hello there! 👋

Red Flag at Nellis AFB just started up yesterday, and ops are in full swing! For those who don’t know what Red Flag is, it is basically one of the biggest combat-ready exercises in the US and abroad. During Red Flag, up to 200 flights per day participate in various training exercises and missions.

My spotting trip took me toward the recovery time, when many flights return at once.

Without further ado, here are the best pictures I got.

E/A-18G Growler

Arrived fairly close, so this was one of the better shots I got.

F-22 Raptor flyover

When fighters arrive, they will generally overfly the field and then break off into a pattern to land. I caught them just as they passed the runway threshold.

F-16 Fighting Falcon(s)

As I said above, they enter a pattern after the flyover. You can get some pretty sweet angles when there are multiple jets.

F-22 Raptor in the clouds

There was a few random clouds in the valley today and this Raptor flew into just the right spot.

F-22 Raptor landing

Got this shot of a Raptor as it passed 200 feet on final.

Well, that’s all I have today. I hope you enjoyed my pictures, let me know what I can improve and what else you would like to see :)



Some awesome photos that you have mate. Nice work!

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Thanks @Declan_O!

Also just FYI there may be a part two… I found some more random F-16 shots and stuff. Stay tuned!

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Looking forward to a Part 2 then! Haha 😂

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Awesome shots!!

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Thanks @Enigma!

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Dang I died from that unhealthy amount 😔

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Very nice pictures! I like them because it’s military and not just the usual airliners!


Nice photos! The F-22 raptor is my favorite military aircraft!


The F-16s
Looking beautiful

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