Neither wind or rain shall stop our flights :)

  • I would really love snow/rain/hail (real life aviation hazards)
  • I like IF just e way it is :)

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I know that others have posted things on this. I’m just polling, not trying to add features or convince anyone. I figured I was cleared to poll but should I not? Is setting up a poll when there are other topics, not polls, on the same thing?

And yes I’m sort of new here haha. If you want to pm me that’s fine

Ohh, its just a poll. Okay!

And yeah, sure. :)

Haha so nothing wrong? Awesome ✈️

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May I ask what the blank option in the middle is for?

It’s a glitch with the new poll builder

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I see that and I did not mean to put that in

I mean I didn’t put that in it just showed up 😂😂

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Is this a request?

Nope, just to see what they think.

Oh. Thanks.

Correcto :)

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You like polls don’t you? 🤔😶😁

I think it is a great way to get the community involved!!! Course I’m not stuck with them haha but I like them as a tool ;-)

That’s nice…very cute -.-

I was testing the poll builder. Haven’t used it before, always have typed it in manually :-)

A huh yeah sure and is that why you making fun of me by pretending to set up a poll about whether we like polls or not? That’s weird right there 😂😂😂😂

Anyways that’s fine

What does this post do