Neglected Plane Appreciation Post #2

Yesterday I wanted to do a Trans-con so I decided to take the beautiful United Rising Blue 767-300 from KIAD ago KSFO! With a flight time of around 5:20hrs, I made it to San Fran just in time for a beautiful sunset to grace my Approach into Rwy 28L!

Loading up at Gate D05!

Gorgeous bank angle over the Stephen F. Udvar Hazy Center !

Cruising over the mountains somewhere near Colorado

Beginning my decent into NorCal

Lining up with Rwy 28L with my sunglasses on…

As butter as it gets with the IF 763!

Finally Deplaning in SFO!


Big beautiful bird!

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Nice! I honestly wish the 767 won instead of the A380.

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I do love the 767, but the A380 is gonna be phenomenal! Now the real winner should have been the 747 obviously 🙄

wouldnt be neglected if it was being reworked… but oh well…😇🔪

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I said 767 because you have more route options

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That’s a cool livery I don’t think about too much. Nice topic!

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thanks mort !

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Very nice shots ! I really wished the 767 would also be reworked 🙁

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yea me too! just give it a year… or 3 😀

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