Negativity around the forum

Hello all,

In the past few days and weeks I have often logged on here to see a lot of negative comments. Often these are given out to people who have only just joined the forums and so do not know how it works. There are a few people who I obviously won’t mention here but I’m sure they know who they are who make comments which can be seen as discouraging to new users or in fact any user. I have been chatting to people in my VA and I’m not the only one who sees this. I would just like to point out to people that we have our amazing moderators @Carson @MishaCamp @Henrik who will intervene if required. Please try and refrain from saying. You can’t post this or something along those lines on the public channels. Simple notify a Mod using the flag symbol and if you want to send the user of the OP a PM. We want to encourage everyone here to stay and this should be a happy and encouraging place.

One place which this is also very relevant is Aircraft memes. No one cares if it’s been posted before. There are way over a thousand posts in there which people aren’t going to scroll through to check. If people didn’t post it’s been posted before then maybe there would be a few less posts!!

I know a Mod is going to close this and everyone is going to say it’s not needed etc. But I think it is and it serves as a reminder to people that the Mods are the only ones to close a topic so instead of making a user feel bad twice by you and a Mod saying they’ve done wrong let it happen once.


TBH: I think the whole community needs to take a chill pill. And just be happy :)



Thanks for this post as it spoke TO and FOR me, I get that dry humour and sarcasm are fine, but when it starts to feel like trolling and like I’m back in high school then it makes the experience less fun.

I love the community and how nice and welcoming it is. Let’s not allow , as Max would say “peanuts” ruin the forum to new and existing members.


I agree. I shall drug the entire community


This isn’t really new is it?

No, but it hasn’t been said before has it.

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Great idea, I’ll get them ordered lol

This is such a stupid post! Are you an idiot? -says every IFC member that doesnt agree with a post.

Only read the first half of the sentence was getting worried lol


HA! My stomach dropped when I first started reading your post.


I’lll just put the sharpened pitch fork back in the shed :P

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Thanks for the reminder. This forum is a large part of why IF is so enjoyable. Keep it positive!


Ay yo forgot my main g big man like @Cameron init


Yeah he only included the main 3. Might aswell include every leader 😂

sorry I dont take drugs 0_o Remember kids : say no to drugs! Haha even if its chill pills 0_o

Sorry. I’ll get told off for tagging developers etc so thought I could only be safe with those three

Sounds like something right up your street 😂 anyway back on topic…


@Matt_Elphick what have we told you about tagging moderators. Surely as a regular you shouldn’t do this. Oh gosh Matt I’m going o hyper ventilate and die now!!

No I’m not, but seriously this is another needed topic in the long list of topics that we do need on this forum for new and old users


No thanks, danke.

You always make me laugh Misha

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