Negative ATC Experience

Hello I have been flying with Infinite Flight for many years and have over 5000 landings to my Name , I find that the ATC servers Are mostly irresponsible I will give you two instances The first occasion was when I was preparing to land , and there was a aircraft some distance in front of me he was First in line to land this aircraft entered the, And was only seconds from landing and was told by the ATC controller to go round Bear in mind that there was only two aircraft on the screen , So now it was my turn and I was Just about to land when I was told to go round by the ATC controller , The second occasion happened today I was on the approach I’m not quite at the Glideslope when an Aircraft from my right approached my aircraft and cut in front of my plane , And proceeded to land to my surprise the ATC controller reported me for interfering with another aircraft Bear in mind my Aircraft was not interfering with any other aircraft , And for no reason I have been downgraded to a number two, ATC controllers I find on the most part are totally Irresponsible and I will not go onto expert server again and I’m disgusted with the poor Standard of ATC controllers we have an Expert server yours a disgusted infinite flight pilot.


Hello @Kenneth_Bowell!
Sorry for your less than enjoyable experience. I suggest you look in your logbook, and find the name of the controller who ghosted you today, and tell us the name here. We will set up PM for you guys to work it out.

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We can guarantee that IFATC controllers are tested and trained as hard as possible.

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If you would like to discuss the performance of a controller on the expert server, please contact a moderator or the controller along with your replay file and we can take a look.

Replays were introduced to aide in quality control along with training.