Negative AOA On B737

On profile climb-out at 285 knots. AOA shows negative 2.3. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Perhaps are you using flaps or spoilers? A very light load of pax / cargo / fuel could also affect your AOA.

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I’d think so however it was quite a normal climb out. Picture shows me finally getting the negative AOA indication to 0.0 via a very aggressive pitch up at high altitude.

This may or may not be related but I’ll share here:

The AoA indicator on the bottom of the screen reads 4 degrees. Each bar on the pitch ladder is 5 degrees apart, This is clearly not 4 degrees AoA, more like 2 degrees.

This was on Monday whilst testing the new Hornet.

Hi there, this has been an issue that Laura is aware of


Try flying slower, maybe a 270kts. A slower speed should make the AoA higher. Simbrief gives me a 280kts/M.078 cruise speed, not a very big difference from your speed.

edit: I’d like to de-emphasize my comment somewhat. I did the calculation described below, but my result still lacks other info to make it necessarily meaningful (any delayed response of indicated VS etc.). I hadn’t noticed the AoA issue previously because I was testing and flying as usual getting my AoA info directly from the FPV. And on that basis flying seems smooth and predictable.

I didn’t notice that at first. But tested and now I see.
Also @HarryH1’s pitch up of 17 degrees and TAS of 457kts should be causing a massively higher rate of (unsustainable) climb. About 10 times higher than that shown (did I calculate right??). If it hadn’t caught up to this climb rate, it’s only possible with a very high angle of attack rather than zero.

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