Negative altitude on Riga Airport

Hi there,

I was tries to touching down the runway but there was a problem when I reach the -54 altitude after landing to the airport, and the plane was going down. Which is the good way to fix the glitches?

Here is the screenshots:

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wait do you mean you went through the airport or the Airport level is negative?

oh nevermind just checked it is 37 MSL.
maybe try restarting IF and going on solo and try landing?

Already restarted IF after clearing cache but the altitude was still negative when I was tries to touching down to runway

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hmm is your wifi signal okay? or is it going out and coming back?
or in the top right while flying is it shoing a green tick mark?

The IF Is still working while using the data roaming or WiFi

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hmmmm then i dont know what to do
i think someone who has more experience will coem and help

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