Nee's ATC Tracking Thread - [PRACTICAL PASSED] @ N/A

Hello welcome to my first tracking thread as I plan to learn more about ATC. Free free to come when I’m open ! And and feedback is appreciated !

  • Status - Closed

  • Frequencies -

  • Display Name - Nee

  • Server - Training

  • Runways In Use -

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I’ll stop by, give me a few minutes to set up.


I’ll stop by, give me a few minutes to set up.


Wait I thought you were in IFATC?

No I wasnt in IFATC

Ok I will stop by.

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dropping by!

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Feedback for Nee | KIND @ 03:00Z

03:15 – Perfect transition at 3500ft, nice work rounding up.

03:18 – Called in overhead, textbook pattern entry and clearance.

03:23 – Instead of an “Unable” for 5H-ANE, I’d recommend extending his upwind until I had turned crosswind, at which point you can issue him with a right downwind pattern entry behind me. If you were worried about a 757 following a TBM in the pattern, both of us were flying almost identical speeds, making it totally acceptable to put him behind me.

03:25 – I was given a right base pattern entry for Runway 05L with no sequence behind Shane. He was on downwind. After I had turned base, I was given a #2 clearance with no “after the option, make left traffic”. Make sure to use your sequences before it’s too late!

Nice controlling, I loved it! You obviously have the foundational stuff down, just make sure to focus on the points listed above. I had to run at the end, but I’ll try to make it to your future sessions. Thanks!

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Hi, I was V6-VIG,

  • only thing was, not sure why you delayed N851TB when I was on final… i didn’t feel like going around so i did a 360 on final. You should have cleared him for takeoff earlier than that.

everything else was really good, nice work!

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Hey! I was 5H-ANE, here is my feedback from your session!

  • Great pattern entry and clearance, both were correct.

  • I requested a runway change on upwind after my first touch and go, and I was given “unable”. The best thing you can do in this situation, instead of unable, is to go into the “Pattern Instructions” menu and give the aircraft requesting the runway change, an “Extend upwind, I’ll call your crosswind”. This way, at some point, the aircraft that was not changing runways will turn crosswind, and when they do, you may give the aircraft requesting the change an appropriate pattern entry, sequence, and clearance. I made a topic on how to execute this technique well, check here:

Explanation on Upwind Conflicts

  • Nice job correcting that little mistake with the numbering of my clearance on the third pattern. All I’d suggest for you is to scroll all the way down until you see the correction menu, and just say “Correction, stand by,” then proceed with the correct clearance. Just a small mistake, but sometimes it can make all the difference and can fix any confusion there may be.

  • Great runway exit timing, it was given at about 68 knots ground speed.

  • After I was given my taxi to parking instruction, you gave Pegasus 1 (@ZachN) a, “hold position”. Although it was great conflict awareness, it would have been best to give him a taxi instruction, then let him taxi and wait to see if an incursion would even happen. In that situation, I could have kept taxiing down the taxiway I was going and no incursion ever would have even happened. TLDR; remember to always use a give way instead of a hold position (hold positions should really only be for pushback situations).

  • Pegasus 1 was also given a, “Continue taxi at your discretion” after that incursion was no longer imminent. Make sure to just use the plain, “Continue taxi”, as “Continue taxi at your discretion” is actually the way we controllers will let a progressive taxi aircraft know that they should no longer expect progressives. Just a little difference, but again, there is a notable difference.

Overall, really great job. Sorry if I sound a little critical in the feedback, but I’m just getting descriptive so you can iron out those issues and be on the team in no time! With the controlling ability you displayed, it seems as though it might not be long, good luck on your future endeavors!


Thank you everyone for attending this first tracking thread that I’ve ever done. I wasn’t suspecting too much traffic as It was late for some people . But thank you guys for coming. I’ll now begin going through everyone feedback and replying . Thank you once again !


Yeah I knew I messed up on the sequencing especially at the end there as I think i’m worrying about 1 one aircraft while forgetting the others. Thanks for your feedback I’ll be make sure to follow your points , and thanks for coming out to my first tracking thread !

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Along with @Shane comments about me (Pegasus 1) with the ground conflict, the only other thing I would note that once a aircraft is sequenced there is no need for the extend downwind command because pilots are expected to maintain separation. A time I would use the extend downwind command is with the first aircraft in the pattern to get departures out quicker!

Yeah I saw him there and I didn’t know why I delayed him that much aswell. But I’ll make sure to go over what I did when I go over my replay . Thanks for coming and attending !

Yeah I realized I wasn’t planned for when you requested an runway change . I knew beforehand that I might of had some runway changes . And I’ll make sure to make myself go over the Upwind Incursions because I know I might have a few runway changes might happen. As for the the numbering I accidentally saw I pressed " Number 1 " so I quickly went back to give you your appropriate numbering of clearance. Yeah when I saw only that one taxiway in and out I knew something could happen there , but I should waited closer until I knew when it was going to happen. Thanks for clarifying the differences between the continue taxi’s as I was confused which one to press. And no worries for the feedback . Thanks for coming out !

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Of course! Feel free to PM me if you have any questions or would like any clarification on any commands or controlling strategies. My PMs are open!

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Yeah I was started to get worried because of the separation , but I forgot that pilots are expected to maintain separation on there own. Thanks for the feedback and coming out !

Thanks ! I’ll make sure to if I have an follow up questions 1

ATC Feedback - You got some mistakes you have to work on (Monarch 1210).

  • Didn’t include my traffic direction on takeoff clearance.

  • Didn’t give me enter right/left downwind since no pattern direction on takeoff clearance.

  • Almost a collision with V6-VIG try to watch for collisions you could have extended my downwind and let V6-VIG continue his turn.

  • No clearance for me always try to see aircraft with green on their callsign that means they have been cleared white means not cleared.
  • Unnecessary exit runway command for me at 100kts try to only do exit runway commands if the airplane is slowing down the aim point is 70kts.
  • I didn’t receive a clearance it should have been number x cleared for the option after the option make left/right traffic so I had no pattern direction to turn to without that clearance remember for runway change and inbound you must always give a pattern entry sequence if available and clearance.

  • Cactus 952 should have followed me so the best decision is to make him go around the airport and make him number two following me almost a collision.

  • After I said reported position full stop that means I’m landing no need for cleared for the option clearance just number x cleared to land.

  • No sequence to me.

  • Late Landing clearance for me try to clear on late crosswind early downwind.

  • Unnecessary extend downwind to Pegasus 1 if you have already sequenced pilots then the pilots are responsible to maintain spacing.

  • Go-arounds were unnecessary tower must only give go-arounds if separation is lost it’s the pilots decision if he wants to continue the approach or not.

Hope this helped you become a better ATC on your IFATC journey everything else was correct though.

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Yeah I really know I messed up on your amend because I think I was focusing most on ground that by the time I got back to you You were already turning base . So I really need to work on that . I’ll make sure to go on the manuals that you have left me there and go through replay mode especially to see what I can do better . Thanks for coming !

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