Neeleman would be proud

Charleston (KCHS) to San Francisco (KSFO)
Breeze A220
4:56hrs of Flight Time

Showing Boeing in their CHS plant who’s boss, as they wanted to cancel the CS300 😎

Landing in SFO

Still landing in SFO but 10 hours later


Should’ve done the same flight with JetBlue as well. 😛

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Awesome! I’m gonna do that route soon now. I love the a220 and I love the Breeze livery!

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Or WestJet or Azul or Morris Air

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It’s awesome! Right now I am continuing that flight with San Francisco to Louisville to Tampa

But those are good airlines that don’t operate this garbage that you somehow love. 😜

Yet, you never know who decides to operate the greenest jet in the world

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Hey now you not going to talk about our Boeing plant like that 😆