Needed some tips about SVMD

A few days ago I had a hard time approach SVMD In Venezuela since the airport surrounding high mountains so I almost crash in the tbm9 when approaching to high FL100 and go in circles until I land

This airport you see it surrounded by mountains in east while west there still Mountains so you had to like climb higher then land later

Unlike other airports that are surrounded by mountains there’s no stars or approach in this so it has to be done manually
It’s kinda a problem but I just need to know approach to this airport

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Just fly through the valley, I guess. This is a really obscure airport, so I doubt many have been here before.

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Here are some charts for SVMD if it helps:


It’s kinda obscure but it’s mostly a regional airport for small planes (like turboprops (ATR-42 ))

I think you can try to approach from the south, it’s easier. The approach from the south(flying over Lagunillas) is or at least was the “official” route. You can obviously try approaching from the north but it’s more challenging. But yeah I have no real tips, I haven’t landed there many times.

Okay this is the most upadted AIP I could find that includes this airport

If you tap on the aerodromes section, AD_2 you can select SVDM and give a read to the main information listed there, with help of a translation tool if needed. At the bottom of the page, there are 3 useful charts you can use to plan the approach. Due to the fact that there are no nearby Fixes (Waypoints), I find really useful the Visual approach chart, which has the coordinates of the fixes that can be inputted to the IF interface

Try to maintain a stable altitude of at least 1’000ft AGL when doing this approach until you see the runway and there is no high risk terrain obstructing your approach

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My best tip is don’t crash. It works really well!

Jokes aside, arriving from the south (Runway 06) is your best bet. It’s a bit wider in terms of how far the mountains are from the runway, so there’s more room for error. Other than that, just focus, remain calm, and be sure to calibrate your device so you have full control over your aircraft!


Well then. That’s me done for already. :(

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