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Thanks mate for the feedback will change the font.

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Nice thought, especially for newbies… This is the one of:

  • Great ideas in the forum
  • Bad ideas in the forum
  • I don’t care

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Thanks mate, it’s just one of the greatest thoughts ever.

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Check out IF Checklists for a detailed checklist for each aircraft.

Flap Limits are also included.

The reason the rest of the information on your cards is missing from the checklists, is that it is dependent on lots of variable conditions and therefore varies per flight. Including this information would be unrealistic.


Thanks mate will check it out.

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I made this topic with some flash cards/Quick reference cards a while ago.

We also have this made by @Kuba_Jaroszczyk :

All Aircraft Take Off and Landing Speeds (Version 19.1)


Looks so good! Well done mate

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How’s this, I changed the font and used IFChecklists for the information.

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May I ask where you got that photo from exactly?

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I got it from good old google.

Ok, just be aware next time, since the original background photo was made by FDS, it is still their property even when it’s on Google. I understand that you have edited but just be cautious as even though what you’re doing isn’t copyright/illegal, if FDS had a good lawyer and wanted a copyright payment, you could be fined.

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What do you mean by this?

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Because I edited the picture but I will remove it.

Isn’t there a Fair Use law?

Not necessarily. I cannot name any laws since I don’t know where FDS or you are located but that’s just for future reference.

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Fair enough mate, thanks for the information on the picture copyright information.

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I would classify this as commercial use, even if you don’t make money of it, and you can’t use pictures from google for commercial use unless you have been talking to the rightful owner

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Sorry but this wouldn’t be classified as commercial use as he ISN’T selling it. As soon as he starts making money from it then it is commercial.
Secondly, talking to the rightful owner doesn’t actually mean anything. You need their written consent and other things that vary with laws.

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There are two classifications, commercial and private, this is not private

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The problem here is your work can look like official approved IF/FDS stuff (Use of logo) which it’s not.

Make sure all info you provide are correct

Always include source of photos.
(You can easily take your own screenshots from IF)

Read Terms Of Service: