Need Your Opinion

I need your opinion for a Landing Comp.

  • TNCS (Saba)
  • EGLC (London City)

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I say TNCS as EGLC has already been done

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London City, the approach is breathtaking.

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Closes in 1 Hour Get Voting

Are you sure about?


Ps. I know there’s a close button.

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Im Closing it Manually in an Hour. I did that Just in Case we get Below 15 Voters

Just Reading up about the EGLC Approach.
The London airport requires aircraft to descend at an approach angle of 5.5 degrees, or nearly twice as steep as a normal glideslope to land for a passenger-carrying transport. Bombardier tweaked the CS100 flight controls, engine and de-icing system to enable the steep approach certification
Credit Flight Global

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I wonder why everyone is voting for EGLC.
It has literally just took place yesterday.
Where’s the creativity?


Because they don’t know what the other airport is.

i’m not going to participate in this competition if it’s not held at Saba. that’s an airport which requires real skill. a slightly steeper approach path means nothing.

I tried earlier and nearly got a violation for landing on the water.

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MaxSez: “Go Saba”! ; With the world’s shortest commercial runway approved for only three models of planes, Saba’s airport (SAB) has been compared to an aircraft carrier. G’day Max

(only a mere 1,299 ft (386 m). Because the runway is only slightly longer than an aircraft carrier runway, it is only accessible by helicopters, some turboprops and smaller piston aircraft. Surrounded by ocean and mountains with steep 60 ft cliffs dropping into the water on both ends, this runway is quite difficult to navigate)


If you do end up choosing EGLC, could you please take caution and not fly straight into the approach path for EGLL? Yesterday, myself and a few other pilots had to make some last-second heading changes in order to avoid hitting people from the landing competition. Please, just be aware of your surroundings. Thanks!


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