Need your opinion

Hey IFC.

Sorry for the non-IF related thread, but I really need your opinion on this.
As an ongoing affect to completely re-make my account, I want to change my name to:


What do you guys think? Should I? Or Should I not?

  • Yes, change it
  • No, don’t change it

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Also, what do you think of my new profile picture?

  • Its better!
  • I like the previous one more

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(I will not change it, just want your opinions :) )

once again sorry for the non-IF related topic.

See you in the skies!

(By default I have voted for yes. that does not mean I actually want to change it)

Poll will be closed when it hits 20-30 votes


Well, thats your choice… Change it if you want to… don´t change it if you don´t want to :)

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But here’s the catch, have you changed it before?

No I haven’t mate. I know I can change it only once ;)


Well feel free to change then.

I am fine with both. On another aviation forum, my name is Bravo.C, so I am fine with both. Just wanted to see what the community thinks :)


Given the circumstances, it might not be a bad idea :§

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I say keep it, because, your name represents who you are, so in that sense, have it as is, but if you feel like changing that’s up to you, but in my opinion, I say don’t but still, it’s your choice ;)



(ran out of likes everyone)


I have just added in another poll. Make sure to vote!

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You should NOT change the name, because that’s who You were. Even though You’ve changed, after Your suspension and all those shananigans, You learned from the mistakes You were and are the BravoCharlie, who we know is the more genuine one.

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Change what? My name?

I personally like the new profile pic. :) The other one looks ugly imho.

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I am terribly sorry, words seem to slip out. You shouldn’t change the name. I personally liked the old picture but that doesn’t really matter.

I was too, someone who’d leave everything behind me, and start from the begging, as the old things in life, was a part of my past, but I realized that having those memories and items and such with me into the future, reminded me of who I was, and who I want to be, having the past with me, as it was a part of me is vital, as it continuously pushes me forward to better self.

I say, keep you Profile picture, the new one you have, and the old name, as a mixture of who you were and who you are today and from there work your way forward. The picture and name are symbolic and mostly materialistic virtual objects, the real you inside of you, so make that real you strive for a better self, don’t let pictures and names depict you. They show the path and is a representation of you, yes, as I earlier mentioned, but it’s who you really are that matters and that real you will be visible from your posts, behavior and attitude towards others.

I’m not proud over many thing I’ve said and done in real world and on IFC, but I don’t change anything, anymore like I use to, because I want to keep the past of me with me, and improve upon it, that’s how I see it as 😊


Please don’t change it. We have already seen your apology and that was good enough :D Please stay the same (logo & name)…

On the other hand, it’s your choice.

Yes! I agree! I think that’s what I’m going to do ;)

@Captain_JR back with another great reply :)


Great to hear!
You have chosen the correct choice.


Lol. I think I have!

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Your name has nothing to do with your actual personality and contributions to the community, so in my opinion it honestly is up to you. You’ll still be the same person. It’s like getting a haircut. I think all of your profile photos are nice.

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Couldn’t agree more :)