Need your opinion (picture compilation)

I’ve been exploring some new camera angles and editing ideas 💡. So I need your opinions on if you like them or not.


All the following were taken on entire solo or expert. I can’t tell you the specific flight path for some.

Further information -

Flight information
Picture 1

An Delta MD-80 blasts out of Indianapolis

Picture 2

Remembering Thomas Cook with a short hop around the Tenerife islands

Picture 3

An Air Canada A330 climbs out of the fog.

Picture 4

An Virgin Australian 777 shoots off of the runway bound for Sydney.

Picture 5

Controlling at KPSP and watching the sunrise over the mountains.

Original photos

No original found for picture 2 😢

Please rate my photos and comment below how to improve them.

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They all look amazing!! The Virgin Australia picture is my favorite. Nice angle, great amount of editing and the clouds/contrails looks realistic.


For that one I really wanted to capture the engine and name. Also I used an app for the beautiful backgrounds.


It definitely worked! Great job and keep up the good work.

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You have great editing skills, here are some things you should change :

  1. When taking your screenshot, make sure to show the lighted part of the plane in the pic, not the dark one.
  2. Have a nice white balance ( the white parts of the plane should be white on the edit). Even tho colours are beautiful, keep them simple.

It’s pretty simple changes but it makes the thing 10 times better.

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Ohh I like the Second Last One!

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That one of the Delta tail is 🔥🔥🔥

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No.3 for me , can be hard to get a decent wing view sometimes … nailed the light and the view 👍

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That are some of the most amazing pictures i have ever seen!

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Number one I couldn’t understand. Like is it upside down or right side up, anyways the other pictures are awesome matey

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The first ones defiantly the best

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I really love the first one!


The first photo, I thought is was real, awesome job!

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Thanks! I’ll keep that in mind.

For anyone who said they love the first one… I’m with you there!

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I had to bump this the first one is the best screenshot hands down ive ever seen.


My good sir, how many times have you necroposted today? I count 3.

Please stop.



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the wing pic you could turn the engine off to get a nice pic of the engine. ;)

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