Need your help & feedback: PIREPs with In-Flight Assistant ("ACARS")?

Hey everyone,

I’ve started working on a feature for In-Flight Assistant for posting a PIREP (flight report) at the end of your flight.

I first heard about this idea from virtualBlue’s own @FBWFTW - virtualBlue encourages their pilots to use In-Flight Assistant and had put a lot of thought into how helpful a PIREP feature would be, so they reached out.

Things virtualBlue proposed this flight plan could include:

  • Log “out” time (in airline terms this is brakes off- at pushback)
  • Log “off” time (in the air wheels up/positive rate)
  • Log “on time” (wheels on ground)
  • Log “in time” (brakes on at gate)
  • Log “total” flight time (from “out” to “in”)
  • Landing rate (for competitive landings!)
  • Log max G load, bank angle etc and any other stuff that may help VA pilots compete and/or improve their skills.
  • Fuel usage
  • etc. etc.

Now that @David_Lockwood on his own also started sharing how helpful a feature like this would be (and @KaiM pointed me to that thread), I wanted to go ahead and make a post to this sub-forum to let you all know I’m working on this feature, and get your feedback on this.

A first version of this feature would basically be that once your flight is done, you go into IF-A and create your flight report which is then a share sheet that you could post to Slack, email, wherever.

In fact, we’re also looking (together with @Eighty, virtualBlue’s tech guy) into how feasible it would be to directly post PIREPs into phpVMS which I know a lot of VAs use.

So…I need everyone’s help

  1. What do you think a PIREP feature should include? What would be your dream PIREP features?

  2. Also: which VA system does your VA use?

  • phpVMS 7.x
  • phpVMS classic (before 7.x)
  • VAM
  • Manual system (Google Sheets / Slack / etc.)
  • Other system (see comments)

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Big thanks again to virtualBlue for reaching out with this idea. I think it’s exciting.


This is such a great idea and could remove the tedeous task of filling PIREPs.


And assist in reviewing and checking them!

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At QANTAS Virtual we use phpvms as our base system and we encourage our pilots to use either Infinite Flight Assistant or Infinite Passengers to help with their flight. Personally I use both as like the music and time recording function on IPx whilst love all the other features on IFA!

As for parameters to be included would suggest following :
DEP Airport
ARV Airport
Flight time
Fuel used
Violations ( as per IF)
Violations (use of beacon / nav / strobe lights)
Landing rate.

Happy Landings
David L


This is an awesome idea, and what with the quality of In Flight Assistant already, I reckon this would be another great feature!

BAVA use the crew center

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This would be great! Only question would I still be able to make use of it eaven if I am not in a VA that uses it?

American Virtual uses a Slack-integrated AirTable.

This idea looks great! Two features I like from using SmartCARS for PC simming is an entry in the log for which aircraft is being flown, and the other showing if/when the pilot exceeded 250knots under 10,000 feet, how fast their speed got, and when they returned to flying at 250 knots or below. If these two features could be implemented somehow, that would be amazing!


Would this be a copy and paste sort of thing?

I don’t run a VA but wouldn’t VAs be more willing to move to phpVMS if something like this would be available? I think you would then see a dramatic change in that poll so maybe the better question is, would VAs change to only phpVMS if something like this would be available?

  • Yes
  • No

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I know some VA’s use VABase

virtualBlue is glad to help make IF as realistic as is possible for VA’s and their pilots in every way we possibly can! We’re excited and honored to be working with you on this @epaga !!


Hello @epaga you think you can add boarding music to your IF assistant app? I would pay if added.

@Transport_Hub ^^^^ any comment on this one here?

That’s a great idea Bobby. Would help on training pilots.

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This is something I’d be willing to do as vaBase has its own problems. At the moment, the most versatile “popular” crewcenter that’s easy to configure and customize is phpVMS, and so if this feature was implemented onto that software, it would benefit most VAs in Infinite Flight.


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