Need your advice: Galaxy Tab S7

Hi everyone,

I want to get back into Infinite Flight but my Pixel 5 just doesn’t have to power to keep up these days. I’m looking for a tablet regardless but I would like one that can keep up with the new updates.

My question is: Considering pricing and knowing that the Tab S8 will be released in early 2022, is it still worth going for the S7 now? Also will the Tab S7+ be worth the extra cash or will the S7 still keep up?

Let me know your thoughts,

Cody :)

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Seriously? The Google Pixel 5 is one of the newest, most powerful phones out there?

If you want a Galaxy Tab - I would wait for the S8 to come out.

The Pixel 5 is not, it is using the snapdragon 765G which is not the most powerful as it is a lower tier chip.

I suggest you give a read to this,



Hmmm…ok yeah that surprises me given its a 2021 phone.

Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it’s powerful.


If you’re based on the US, I understand there’s a great deal (I think 40% off) coming up on the S7 series in the next 1 or 2 days. Check out the following link for more info:

If you don’t have cutting edge requirements & budget is a higher priority, then the above deal might help.

For S7 or S7+ issue - TFT vs AMOLED screen (again usage or budget might decide preference), screen size & battery size are the biggest issues I’ve noticed. Maybe there are a few others. Loads of comparison videos on YouTube. I’m using S7+ since the last few months & no regrets so far (might have been nice to get a 45W charger).

Good luck with your decision.

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I can recommend the Xiaomi Pad 5 / Pad 5 Pro

If you need an absolute powerhouse tablet, the S7 will do fine. The main differences between the normal and + are mainly just a better display and bigger battery. Between the two, they will have almost identical performance.

Holding off for the S8, that would be completely optional. It will of course be a decent upgrade, and also more expensive, but that will depend on whether you are urgently needing a new tablet or not. The S7 and S7+ will both be fine for a good number of years :)


I have the tablet S7 , the game looks great but after the introduction of 3D airports it is not a smooth experience , lots of lag and stutter specially on approach , it will also get very hot . Hope this helps .

Yeah I really recommended this one too

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Or maybe sooner :) in Samsung December’s event!

I’m still using the Tab S6, 256GB, 8GB RAM and it’s powerful enough to run IF smoothly so far. So the S7 should be fine, but not sure if it’s worth the extra cash for little specs differences

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If you can, try wait for the tab s8 but if you need it urgently then go for tab S7

Thanks everyone - this helps. We can close this now. Talk soon!


Id buy an apple device if I were you

I currently have a Tab S7 and it has been perfect for IF. I can run graphics at the highest settings with little to no issues at all times.

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